What is Lifinity?

Lifinity is the first proactive market maker on Solana designed to improve capital efficiency and reduce impermanent loss.
Lifinity's DEX innovations:
  • Concentrated liquidity combined with lazy liquidity provision; no need to adjust positions
  • Reduces or even reverses impermanent loss by using an oracle as the main pricing mechanism
  • Generates a profit from market making through delayed rebalancing of pools
Lifinity's tokenomics innovations:
  • The protocol continuously acquires liquidity for all token pairs the DEX provides liquidity for
  • Improved veToken model with optional decaying, linear unlocking, and native tokenization
  • Protocols are able to bribe veLFNTY holders to cheaply secure permanent liquidity
  • LPs' share of fees is adjusted dynamically to target the optimal level of liquidity
  • Token launch via a veIDO
Lifinity also has a collection of NFTs called Flares:
  • 10,000 animated NFTs
  • All Flare sale proceeds were deposited into Lifinity’s liquidity pools
  • All revenue from trading fees and royalties are used for buybacks and reinvestment
  • If Flares fall below 50% of their mint price, they are bought back with the pooled funds
  • 1% of the LFNTY token supply is reserved for Flare holders
Our documentation explains the what of our protocol without getting into the why. To get the full picture, we recommend reading our litepaper, tokenomics series, and Flares article.
Last modified 1yr ago