LFNTY is Lifinity's governance token.

LFNTY's main function is as the point of entry/exit for those who want to increase/reduce their exposure to Lifinity.

Mint address: LFNTYraetVioAPnGJht4yNg2aUZFXR776cMeN9VMjXp


veLFNTY is the token that grants users voting power and access to protocol revenue.

Users can lock LFNTY for between 7 days to 4 years and receive veLFNTY in exchange. The amount of veLFNTY you receive is calculated as follows:

veLFNTY received = (# of LFNTY locked) * (Lock period (days)) / 1460

veLFNTY is not an SPL token and cannot be transferred. It does not display in standard wallets such as Phantom, but users can check their veLFNTY balance on our app.

veLFNTY will have two possible states: locked and unlocking. veLFNTY always begins in the locked state. While locked, the LFNTY contained within the veLFNTY remains inaccessible.

Users can transition their veLFNTY to the unlocking state at any time. In this state, the veLFNTY balance will begin to decay linearly over time and the locked LFNTY will similarly begin to unlock linearly over time.

veLFNTY can be relocked for longer than the time remaining until it fully unlocks. This does not affect the amount of LFNTY contained within the veLFNTY but would increase the user's veLFNTY balance.

Users can only have one veLFNTY account per wallet. When adding veLFNTY to an account that already has veLFNTY, the portion with the shorter lock period will be relocked to match the longer lock period.


xLFNTY is a tokenized version of 4-year locked veLFNTY and is a standard SPL token.

Users can freely convert between 4-year locked veLFNTY and xLFNTY at a 1:1 exchange rate.

xLFNTY must be converted to veLFNTY in order to begin receiving protocol revenue.

Mint address: xLfNTYy76B8Tiix3hA51Jyvc1kMSFV4sPdR7szTZsRu

For the motivation behind this design, please see our Medium article on this topic.

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