LFNTY Allocation

1,000,000 LFNTY (1% of the total supply) was reserved for Flare holders and has been distributed as of May 16, 2023.

Flares could either be staked or locked to receive their portion of LFNTY.

Staking allowed holders to earn a pro-rata share of the remaining LFNTY to be distributed over the course of 1 year. Holders could unstake at anytime.

Locking Flares granted holders their share of LFNTY as 4-year locked veLFNTY upfront. The Flare was locked until the end of the 1 year distribution period. The amount of LFNTY that was locked for veLFNTY was 1/10,000 of the LFNTY that was left to be distributed at the time that it was locked (e.g. if you locked 6 months after distribution had begun, you would have received 1/10,000 of 0.5%).

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