LFNTY Allocation

1,000,000 LFNTY (1% of the total supply) is reserved for Flare holders.
Flares can either be staked or locked to receive their portion of LFNTY.
Staking allows you to earn a pro-rata share of the remaining LFNTY to be distributed over the course of 1 year. You can unstake at anytime, although you would no longer be receiving LFNTY.
Locking your Flare grants you your share of LFNTY as 4-year locked veLFNTY upfront. The Flare is locked until the end of the 1 year distribution period. The amount of LFNTY that is locked for veLFNTY is 1/10,000 of the LFNTY left to be distributed (e.g. if you locked 6 months after distribution has begun, you would receive 1/10,000 of 0.5%).